Resource Samples for WRITE RIGHT! Learning to Print

WRITE RIGHT! Learning to Print comes with a full curriculum including a Teacher Guide, writing pages for each letter with grayscale letters to trace as are seen in the video, corresponding Alphabet Wall Cards and Deskstrips

Sample Writing Page – Program #2

Corresponds with Program #2 for lower case "a" --
"a" is represented with an illustration of an apple.

Sample Episode Overview Guide 

Corresponds with Program #2 for letters: a, d, g. The guide associates the letters that are grouped by how they are shaped, the illustration or object that represents that letter, the story summary, and the song from that program.

A Teacher Guide detailing the research-based pedagogy used in the development of the series, how to use the series with a variety of reading programs, as well as interactive strategies for use with children are highlighted under the research tab of this website.

Sample Alphabet Wall Card

Corresponds with Program #2 for lower case "a" 
and #11 for capital "A".

Student Deskstrip Designed to 
Print on Standard 11x14 Paper

The deskstrip is designed to be printed and taped to each student's pencil box or desk as a model during introduction and reinforcement throughout the year.

Sample Song Lyrics


Each program includes a song or jingle to reinforce the way the formation of the letter grouping. Each song's lyrics are included in the Resources as well as mp3 sound files.