Take a Look at WRITE RIGHT! Learning to Print

WRITE RIGHT! Learning to Print has two charming characters: Bartleby, the wild and crazy pencil, and his glum chum, Gom, the eraser. Follow Bartleby’s encounters in his community through illustrated letters that he writes to Gom— which thoughtfully transition to the practice of letter formation. A well-proven strategy for learners is that children are encouraged to trace the shape that is being introduced with their finger in the air or on their desktops while students watch Bartleby form the letters. Then, they practice tracing then copying the letters, and finally, students are encouraged to self-critique. Write Right! Learning to Print uses high quality animation to ensure that the Write Right! series will look fresh for years to come in order to help children develop good habits to write right!

#2 Round and Round • letters start at 2:00 with round shapes or curves • lower case letters: c, o, s